Your Biggest SEO Challenge For 2022

SEO isn’t new, it has been around for a while.

Simply consider it thusly… Google was established in 1998 and SEO existed before Google as it wasn’t the primary search engine.

At this point, we know the intention of search engines, in which they want to show the best results for people at the top.

All in all, with all of their algorithm changes, what do you believe will be your biggest challenge for 2022?

Take a guess… possibly links, on-page SEO, social media… genuinely, take a guess… Well, here is your biggest SEO challenge for 2022 and how you can address it.

List of Your Biggest SEO Challenge for 2022


Believe it or not, the content will be your biggest SEO challenge for 2022. Allow me to clarify that since it isn’t so difficult to compose content nowadays.

content will be your biggest SEO challenge for 2022

It’s just plain obvious, you can recruit writers from the Problogger Job Board, which is most likely probably the best spot to find writers coincidentally.

However, and, after it’s all said and done, employing a writer and advising them to write content around a keyword that produces a huge load of search volume, simply doesn’t function admirably regardless of whether you have a significant position site.

Let me give you a random example:

Suppose you need to rank for the expression “auto insurance”. It gets searched through approximately 165,000 times each month in the United States. Presently think about what number of results there are seeking that term?

Maybe 1 million? Or even 50 million? Or 100 million? Think again, over 8.7 billion.

Presently allowed, not those 8.7 billion outcomes are likely forcefully pursuing that term, yet you can sure wager that many, many, a lot in excess of 165,000 outcomes are pursuing that term.

To place it in context, for each one searcher looking for that term, 52,727 bits of content exist for them to browse.

As this keeps occurring (which it will) it makes it increasingly hard to rank. What’s more, it is similarly terrible for long-tail terms. Simply see “credit score repair”

It gets looked through approximately 1,000 times each month. It’s anything but an awful keyword… even has an expense for each click at $18.61 for the paid ads which imply it most likely believers at a nice rate.

To know more about PPC and its advantages, read our detailed article on it.

But guess how many results are trying to go after that term?

A massive 75 million. Once more, not those results are forcefully pursuing that term, yet at the same time, much a bigger number of individuals are composing content around it than individuals looking.

Also, to place it in context, for each 1 searcher searching for “credit score repair” there are 75,000 choices for them to look over.

Content is getting harder

Did you know there are more than 1 billion blogs? Also, did you know there are over 1.7 billion websites To place that in context, there are generally 7.9 billion individuals in this world?

That implies there is about 1 blog for every 7.9 individuals. What’s more, there is 1 site for every 4.6 individuals.

Furthermore, when you consider it according to a content viewpoint, generally 7.5 million articles get published each day. Which comes out to 2.7 billion articles being published each year.

Simply consider it thusly, other than writing on the news, or new things that just come out, most of the content being written is on repeated ideas and topics.

As such, individuals continue writing on exactly the same thing again and again. This implies for Google they have considerably more choices to look over when it comes to picking which web page to rank for some random term.

So, what should you do?

As I referenced over, your biggest SEO challenge in 2022 will be content in because for most of the keywords there is more content than individuals searching.

Which gives Google its prime pickings for which page to rank number 1, etc. Furthermore, the trend is getting worse. Anyway, does this mean SEO is dead?

Obviously not. It actually works. If it didn’t individuals wouldn’t make as many blogs or sites or in any event, write as much content.

In any case, this implies SEO is more competitive than it at any point has been, and it will get more enthusiastically over the long run.

So, what should you do?

Focus on writing incredible content! What I mean by that is making something unique. Going top to bottom isn’t sufficient. Adding videos or pictures or even audio to your content isn’t actually going to separate you.

Heck, adding even details doesn’t actually separate you. In any case, you realize what does? Adding one of a kind viewpoint.

How might you take a look at a point in an unexpected manner in comparison to every other person? How might you add your own ability or far superior beneficial encounters into whatever you are writing?

What to do to get more benefits from content

That’s what makes content more unique. That’s what makes content stand out a bit more.

This is the reason I write just on marketing and business venture (and actually fundamentally marketing). Subsequent to doing it for 20 or more years I can add an alternate point of view than the vast majority. Which makes the content more remarkable.

That’s what gives me the edge with Google and getting SEO traffic.

What’s more, if you can’t write or don’t have any desire to, that is fine. You can in any case hire writers. However, the writer can’t be a “good writer”. That is adequately not.

The writer needs to have direct insight into your industry. It’s the best way to make content that is exceptional and sticks out.

Recruiting writers that are extraordinary at research will not cut it any longer. Since when they do research all they are truly doing is looking through Google and taking things from different articles, which doesn’t actually make things unique.


Assuming you need to do well in 2022, center around writing unique content that fuses your expertise and experiences. This will cause it to champion and get shares and backlinks.

To know more about the impact of backlinks on SEO, read our detailed article on it.

Try not to misunderstand me, you will in any case have to write content based on conditions that individuals are looking for (simply plug in keywords into Ubersuggest to perceive what is well known), yet you really wanted to add your own unique twist.

Simply remember that part or, in all likelihood, you’ll wind up writing content that doesn’t rank just as you’ll need.

So, if you want to write unique content to overcome your biggest SEO challenge for 2022, contact us and our best team will help you in all aspects.

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