Technology a “Game-Changer” For Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 (Corona) virus has become a reverse of fortune for the entire world, where everyone is fighting to overcome it. The virus has made families forlorn by losing their loved ones, it has also affected the entire fiscal of the world. The impact created by Covid-19 has become unbearable at one point everything came to standstill as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel but the Technology has proved it wrong and taught us that everything is not lost. Innovation makes a major impact on Businesses. Technology saves small businesses in Pandemic to carry on their activities with utmost easier than it was anticipated. Technology Again Proves “Game Changer” In Pandemic.

In this COVID 19  pandemic business sectors have slipped into recession resulting in production and millions of job losses and unemployment. Sector-wise analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic effect in the following link would make us feel how deeply it has hurt the economy and loss of livelihood of the people. On the other hand, the havoc created by Covid-19 is now downsizing with the help of our day-to-day improvement in technology. All thanks to our experts who have made applications where everything is virtual. Let us take a look at how technology has the power to boost the business in the Pandemic.

Technology Again Proves Game Changer in Pandemic for Many Businesses

COVID-19 has caused a lot of transformation for the business. There have been a lot of changes that were brought around by COVID-19 which cannot be seen in the financial crisis of 2008. The tours and travel sector are still affected due to the pandemic however, the other business sector is working towards a positive direction with the help of technology. Let us see the types of applications that have bossed up the fiscal to a certain limit until everything is regularized.

Technology experts who have made various enterprise and social-related technical and communication applications via the Internet, Whatsapp, Bluejeans, Zoom, Microsoft teams, skype, etc. It has rescued from the dire situation of Pandemic related catastrophic. The applications which were in the system since long back are heavily being used during this ongoing pandemic in each and every sector. For example, let us take a review of how this innovation makes a major impact on businesses.

1. E-Learning

Technology Again Proves as a "Game-Changer" During COVID-19

The Pandemic has thrown out the education system of classroom learning’s as the contact has become a source of the spread of the Pandemic. Technology has enabled students to learn through electronic media coaching and learning. Here technology saves small businesses from pandemics through this new way of learning.

A huge spike in the last 6 months has been noted for e-learning where parents want their kids to gain knowledge either virtually or in reality. Since e-learning is become easier to access and provides a lot of content. E-learning is gaining a different kind of attraction due to the concept of teaching. E-learning has brought a lot of change when it comes to studies/upskilling yourself to get better job opportunities in the market. The government bodies are working at their best to improve the education system virtually where the world does not have to see illiterates at a higher rate.

2. Virtual Meeting Technology

Technology Again Proves as a "Game-Changer" During COVID-19

Virtual meeting technology has the power to boost the business for most employees and companies all around the globe. Let’s talk about the time before the pandemic, how many meetings, interviews, chit-chat talks with families and friends have you had? Maybe 20-30% on average. However, now we have seen a drastic change from January 2020 that most of us are using the virtual technology which we humans once thought that until and unless you are at that place physically things cannot be either handled properly or the impression will not be created, skills and talents can’t be Maybe we humans were wrong at that time cause this pandemic has got a change in our diversity. The reason these virtual meetings are happening is all cause of the new method of working which most of the sector are following that is WFH(work from home) due to pandemic.

The advantages of virtual meetings :

  • Led to increased virtual conversations compared to real-time conversations.
  • Reduced waste of time.
  • The agenda for the meetings have become to the point.
  • Cost-cutting.
  • Easy to leave the meeting when you are done with it.
  • The change in communication has become direct.
  • Less talk and more work.
  • Levelling and humanizing during the meeting.
  • Easy to say no to irrelevant meetings and small talks.
  • The collaboration has enhanced in the meeting with the available apps and their features.

3. Work From Home

 Technology Again Proves as a "Game-Changer" During COVID-19

As the entire business community was coming to a standstill that is when all the sectors started implementing the method that is “telecommuting“. All you need to work from home is a good internet connection, gadgets so that you can work according to your business requirement. Initially, it was a challenge for many of the employees and employers to get it working. However, when it took the pace of implementation it has not stopped and is flourishing to its utmost.

The near future is looking forward to a work-from-home scenario. Government bodies are also supporting and trying to make their formal employment. Here also we can see the innovation makes a major impact on businesses.

4. E-commerce

 Technology Again Proves as a "Game-Changer" During COVID-19

We, humans, love to shop let it online/offline as they give eye-catching offers. However, during the pandemic, everything came to a halt. Once the government bodies mentioned that e-commerce will function as usual it took place in the market again like it was earlier. Where it became easy for them to once again sell their products and gain customer satisfaction with the option of DTHS(direct to home sale). Check the link HERE on how e-commerce had dipped and technology saves small businesses in Pandemic.

5. Health care services

Technology has enabled Healthcare services to provide optimum services through E-pharmacy, telemedicine, etc. Innovation makes a major impact on Businesses related to the health sector during this pandemic.

6. Digitalization

Digitalization technology has the power to boost the business which made the concept of seeing is believing for all business much easier and safer as everything you converse is documented and recorded. Since the digital firm has flourished so well in the past few years there is less forgery taking place.

7. Taxation and E-filing

Government and tax authorities are able to implement efficient tax administrations and tax collections through electronic payment and e-filing systems. Here also the technology again proves Game Changer in Pandemic for the general public.

8. Media Streaming

Technology has made it possible by DTH through various media streaming portals. Entertainment industries are able to do business. Here Technology saves small businesses in Pandemic in the entertainment sector also.

9. Digital Marketing

 Technology Again Proves as a "Game-Changer" During COVID-19

Digital marketing has played a hand-in-hand role with technology where the e-commerce market has flourished with the help of the digital marketers to help them boost the sale of the product and increase the revenue so that they can offer more jobs to the jobless to survive during the pandemic. You can see the detailed article on how digital marketing helps small businesses to gain profit.  However, digital business providers have amassed huge profits. It has brought a huge change for SMB businesses where they are gaining a lot of attention in the market in a short time wherein certain brands took years to gain the name.


Technology has taught us that let there be any kind of crisis in the world, we will overcome it. Innovation makes a major impact on Businesses.
We all should be really thankful for all the different applications creating an organization to make our life simple and well projected. Let’s keep using the technology to the fullest like we are making use of it in the current situation. Grow yourself with the growing technology. Technology has the power to boost the business.

In the near future trillion of stimulus packages by various countries to revive the economy technology advancement would play a great role. Technology has taught us how important it is and during this pandemic how much it has helped all activities are being carried on without hurdles. Truly technology again proves “Game Changer” in Pandemic and also technology saves small businesses in Pandemic.

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