Social Media Advantages And Disadvantages

What Is Social Media?

Social media advantages and disadvantages


Social media is a set of platforms where a series of activities are being performed in numerous ways, it is widely used for socializing with people around the world with different caste religions and communities. It is also used for commercial purposes and as the knowledge hub. Some of the major illustrious social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and many more.

It is used to grab attention express concerns, beliefs and grievances by putting some content and editing content that resemble a scenario to determine the right and wrong happening in our society and also to help people increase their comprehension beyond their common intellects for the greater good. In these platforms, one can create his/her account to connect with many other users around the world without any obstruction which is immensely ideal and intellectual. Many of the VIP to VVIP people use social media to broaden their thoughts, ideas and plead directly to the people who follow them and even those who don’t follow.

Advantages Of Social Media.

There is an abundance of advantages of social media such as expressing thoughts and concerns enlightening divergent minds to create a better understanding, which can recognize and acknowledge things with a different perspective. For instance, writing content related to personal or general activity associated with itself or with some other affairs to let everyone knows what is happening with them or in their surroundings.

And one convenient technique is to add some media content like audio or video for better apprehension of the particular situation. More briefly, people are writing about their feelings which can empathize with others and they can share and socialize with each other, and updating their current status wherever they go and whatever they do, we can also create audio-video content and post on all social media platforms to exhilarate our loved ones whom with we can’t meet on a daily basis due to far different residence.

Also, we can initiate voice calls and video calls to directly listen and confront each other instantly which reduces anxiety, distress and other worries. Posting content like knowledgeable Stuff helps to maximize the exposure of other good things and their whereabouts. The best thing about social media is that we can make friends with our long-distant known buddies and with complete mysterious total random strangers. One can also use the social media platform to reveal their talents and skill to acquire the attention of the respective field of industry with extraordinary skills and talents.

Communicating with the people while doing the work on WhatsApp has become excessively relaxed and effortless which has emanated out to be the prime choice of everyone. Expansion of news related to any incident which needs to be highlighted and escalate from person to person can be done except through social media platforms. It is widely used for promotional purposes like introducing any specific business organizations, committees and unique groups of people who represent identical or non-identical ideologies with different visions and goals in a respectful manner to avoid disturbance in peace and harmony.

We can also use social media platforms like Twitter to raise voices of oppressed weak people whose talks and issues are never heard, but with the help of social media platforms, advantage one can raise the issues and can be completely outspoken, blunt and fearless. Issues which never comes in light of society and remains unnoticeable can be visible in a way that even the leaders can see who are leading the people. With the use of social media platforms one can also collect real-time feedback about multiple, organizations, companies, government and private sectors by communicating with different people such as experts, scholars, experienced people without having any acquaintances.

It doesn’t consume much time and provides accurate data, an audience overview, appreciation and denial with the reason if something some people cannot fathom. It also provides real-time analytics with premature hype related to the launching of a product. So basically, you can directly connect with a colossal amount of people that are curious and interested in your product and services easily. Almost 70% of the world population are on social media platforms such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn in search of either entertainment or social uses. You can create and post various intriguing organic content infinite time for the business to attract a large number of audiences.

You also have paid access to advertising business insights regarding your services. You can proliferate your brand by using social media platforms. You can actually keep a check on your work by evaluating your performance as per the audience perception, this is also an advantage that will let you examine if your work is delivering a superior result. The finest advantages of social media platforms are you can create and modify viral content in such a way that grabs people attention because people love to share content like that with their friends and family and this ability can get u plenty of followers.

Social media is a pool of information where you can reveal vital insights related to a particular matter, this is also an advantage to be infamized your work or the respective campaign you are running. One advantage of social media is that you can intensify your brand that will produce more leads to your business and if your brand has a familiarity then there is a maximum chance of incredible conversions.

One of the greatest social media advantages is that it does not demand any subscription or eligibility criteria or a membership to be a part of it, it is, fortunately, free of cost, you do not need to spend any single penny, it is accessible to everyone across the world. Which enables billions of people to share ideas, start a new business or help each other in terms of business, or social work. If you want to explore other social media tips then read our next article.

Disadvantages Of Social Media.


As we are aware that a coin always has two sides determining each side as something negative or positive, similarly there are two sides of social media, pertaining to its advantages and disadvantages. One of the gross disadvantages of social media platforms is that you are open up to a pathetic potential embarrassment, no matter how great your work is there will still be an abundance of criticism which will demotivate your morale resulting in a way that no matter how hard you try to tackle, it won’t be restored as it was.

For example, someone tweeted about your work in an obnoxious manner and that tweet goes viral, however later the tweet was deleted by Twitter as it was just slander, but the effect on the audience will last longer than you can expect, compelling you to modify your work so that it can gain the same acceptance as same as it had. Negative comments and negative feedback are also a disadvantage because that is inimical to you and to your work, losing the audience as the work wasn’t so pleasing as it should have been.

People like to share experiences with others so if some has a bad experience it will open a door to share the experience with others which will deride your efforts, thus you start to lose your interest and you might not be strong enough to stand on it or to proceed further that will lead to the temporary closure. You have to be very neutral and strong in tackling all these challenges so that no matter what you don’t cease to continue work and innovate it as per the audience feedback.

Social media has many disadvantages but amongst all one of the cumbersome and tedious disadvantages is that you must keep consistency in your work, you need to create content and post it every day just to ensure your work will be alive because it is not easy to appease people by just some fairy tales work, people are intelligent so they are keen and enthusiastic to find and know something more as per their predilection. So, you must spend a lot of time creating, updating, modifying your work to keep it more pleasing.

And also, to respond to the audience on a regular basis. Just like a plant needs to be watered every day to keep it alive and growing. Similarly, you need to keep up with your work in a very constructive manner, and then keeping the patience to see good results. You can’t just expect satisfactory results in a blink of an eye, No, it doesn’t work like that, remember all good things happens to those who wait said some of the greatest minds.

So, after your sedulous work, efforts of day and night, you have to wait in order to see the good, satisfactory results. For example, suppose you worked tirelessly you did everything you needed to, but if don’t wait for enough to see the results, you will be despaired, disappointed and might get into depression which is precarious to your carrier if you are in the field of Digital marketing.

So these are the Disadvantages of social media where a user has to be pertinent with respect to his work, delivering everything to the audience’s demand according to their feedback and perception.

What Is Social Media?

Social media is a series of platforms mainly used for socialising with people and for Digital marketing across the world

What Is Advantages Of Social Media?

The Advantages Of Social Media Are To Use It As A Tool For Business Development And Interaction With Different Minds.

What Is Disadvantages Of Social Media?

The Disadvantages Of Social Media Are That You Are Exposed To Pathetic Embarrassment, Negative Feedback, Time-Consuming And Keeping Patience To See Satisfactory Results.

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