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Running an e-commerce business? Good! Want to know how to increase engagement in the e-commerce business, well you’re in the right place. Today we are going to talk and learn about different effective ways to increase engagement in the e-commerce business. E-commerce (electronic commerce) is a process of electronically purchasing and selling products or services online over the internet. Here a person can increase productivity along with the huge numbers of customers so that business can expand incredibly. Nowadays, e-commerce has become very reliable as every next person is referring to e-commerce for purchasing and selling whatever products or services are available with respect to the specific e-commerce business.

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However e-commerce may appear simple to outsiders, for anyone who spends a good amount of time building an e-commerce store, analyzing e-commerce business, you’ll appreciate that the difference between the real high-performing e-commerce stores and the rest can be substantially massive. At our Digital Marketing agency, Berrycoders, after consulting and analyzing many e-commerce stores with we have worked with a fair few ourselves. So, we have picked up some interesting tips and tricks along the way about how to increase engagement in the e-commerce business, which will be mentioned below. We are going to share some tricks and tips that you can apply, whatever stage of your journey you’re at, to increase engagement in the e-commerce business.

Understand what is happening with your checkout process and your conversion flow through your website

Top 10 miracles to increase engagement in e-commerce business

Go into Google Analytics below conversions, e-commerce, shopping behavior as long as you’ve got it set up. You’ll see a flowchart of information where you can observe and identify where people are falling out in your flow. And depending upon the performance of your business, you might see some opportunities for enhancement.

Add live-chat

Add Live chats to increase the engagement in ecommerce business


You don’t really need a massive team of support people answering all the stupid questions that people ask through e-commerce live chat. Because live chat helps you do two things. Firstly, it helps you convert more of your sales so that if people get stuck, they ask a question, and then you can make a sale. But the second it does, it basically identifies the conversion blockers and the holes that people are falling down on your site. After that you can add that information to the page or fix whatever it is. If you notice that you’re getting the same repetitive questions coming over and over again about delivery times or whatever, you can make sure that’s on the page. So, people don’t have to then ask you.

Add heatmapping with click tracking

Heatmapping is fabulous, because it allows you to see, how people are browsing through your site, where they’re going on different pages, what they are clicking on. And it also shows how far they’re scrolling down a page. The data that you’ll acquire will be very useful if you’re looking at the layout if you’re analyzing how people are using your checkout pages so you can see exactly what they are doing. And then implement the necessary action to give the customers really want.

Watch user recordings or user testing videos

The following tip in our tracking section is to spend time looking through user videos to examine if they are facing any kind of issue that is blocking the conversion. There’s nothing more insightful than watching real people using your website, scrolling around, seeing where they go on different pages.

For example, you have an e-commerce website, and you’re watching some on going through the product selection and then they added the product into basket and proceeding to the checkout, they start filling all the required details, they’re having a look how can they pay, then they go back to continue editing their billing information, but they get stuck on the section which asks them to choose the state, but your business only ships to some part of the country, not pan India.

Now that is a conversion blocker. This was just a mere basic example of how can you know the defect that blocks the conversion and what necessarily you should do in order to eliminate that problem so that you can get the conversion for your e-commerce business.

Highlight your USPs in a benefits bar

Highlight your USPs in a benefits bar

On an e-commerce website, we can see the benefits bar in full flow, in fact, some of the websites contain two are three benefits bars covering up things like USPs, why people should use you rather than competitors, or it can just cover some simple questions that people need answers of. For example, delivery terms, sales, coupons, sign up for the membership to avail more discounts and all. So, all these things are basic ways to keep the customer more engaged and later having a sale conversion. And it’s a great way of getting information straight into people’s heads, wherever they come through.

Improve your product photography and website ambience

It is really important to work on the presentation of your website like the ambience of it and the product photography, like suppose if you have a product on your website and that same product is also available on another website, what do you think, form where the customer will buy? Of course, form the website whose ambience and product photography is better.

So, you need to work on the presentation to persuade customers to purchase from yours, in order to convert more sales into your business. Having a better presentation will attract customers and they will vouch for it, thus increasing your sales to your e-commerce business. This is the basics of e-commerce, that if you can’t get good photography and ambience then definitely you may lose a sale.

Add product video

Add product video

Just as we learned about the importance of photography and the ambience of your website and product, what more could you possibly do to boost up your sales is adding a short video of the product with its description. So that when people visit your website and search for the particular product, and when they see a video of it, it’ll help users to trust your product and compel them to buy from the website. Thus, building trust between the company and the customer will help your e-commerce business to grow significantly.

Provide different and almost every type of payment option.

Provide different and almost every type of payment options.

You see when it comes to payment mode options, customers are likely to have different ways of making a payment that suits them more efficiently, for example, payment through UPI. This payment mode UPI is highly demanded and suitable for almost all the customers, because not everyone will always have the traditional way of payment method, they might either have internet banking, debit card, credit card and whatsoever, so considering all this you should include every type of payment option available so they can make the payment with the option they see fit.

Also add payment logos as whether it is Apple Pay, or Google Pay, and whatnot. Because when you provide all types of payment facilities people will not have any hesitation to look for another website for the payment option, they see fit and available at the time of purchasing and making the payment online.

Add upsells/cross-sells

Add upsells/cross sells

For increasing sales volume, you need to be quicker in engaging customer minds. For example, one of the best ways to increase more sales conversion from the same customer who is likely to purchase a product from your website, adding an upsell and cross-sell will be the key. Because when a customer has selected a product and then adding it into their basket, before proceeding to checkout you need to add upsell or cross-sell product adjacent to the existing product on the same page.

You have to do it by not letting customer vision stay away from it, and the product should be somewhat related to the existing product which matches it, persuading them to think, if they also buy this along, it will be better. So, this is why it is important to add upsell or cross-sell in order to boost sale conversion and making customers more engaging.

Adding a phone number (for credibility)

Yes! I know what you must be thinking. Of course, nobody wants to receive calls after calls for the queries of the product which customers like to buy. But here’s the thing, having a phone number on your sites builds credibility. Particularly if you’re an unknown e-commerce store or you are selling something that has a perceived risk attached to it. So, what some of the sharpest minds do, is they put a sales line number which customers can click to call if they need something to be clarified about.

So, this implementation builds credibility and people are more likely to engage with your e-commerce business. Hence you get a bumper number of customers getting used to your e-commerce business and increasing more sales conversion These are some of the finest and effective tricks and trips in order to increase engagement in the e-commerce business as well as strategic implementation techniques to drive out more sales and grow your business unceasingly.

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