AI Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing


Okay, Google! Tell me something about Holy Roman Empire. Sounds familiar, right? Means you’re giving a command Google about what you’re looking for or lets you’re outsourcing work to google because obviously, human has become dependent on advanced technology. So, we are talking about AI, also known as ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. And how AI is revolutionizing Digital Marketing along with the internet, we will see in this article. Before we start, let’s know the proper definition of AI (Artificial Intelligence) so that we can understand more conceivably.

What is Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial intelligence is intelligent computer machines concerned with computer science that is made to outsource the work of humans as per human intelligence and their requirement. It is a computer that predicts future results based on past results. That means that almost in every part of the working sector, AI is used to reduce many problems, such as time management and instantly giving more than 100% output. It is also used to increase more efficiency of the works.

Now, today we see people have become more reliant on technology. They use it all the time, no matter where they are, what time it is, and what they are looking for, which means that everything is available at their fingertips with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). For instance, Apple has Siri. An artificial intelligence program is inbuilt In the devices. Suppose we ask Siri that I want to know some best locations for my holidays. So, Siri will instantly respond and provide some best places for your holidays.

Similarly, Google also has an Artificial intelligence program based on audience interests. If we ask to google anything, it will respond instantly and provide you the best results as per your requirement. Artificial intelligence is made to replicate or simulate human Endeavors. We need to design a program and feed it into the machine, and the rest belongs to artificial intelligence. It has taken the technology to a whole next level that is incredibly phenomenal.

How does AI help in the world of Digital Marketing?

The first concern about AI to Digital Marketing is how AI helps Marketers and how it is revolutionizing Digital Marketing and how do things have become more accessible for marketers with the arrival of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The biggest problem the marketers which they were facing was how to define their audience and how to find them or track their locations. That means if you’re a digital marketer and want to target someone 18 years old and he’s a college student. So, we used to think about how we can find him? We can go to college or wheresoever, to see him. But in today’s era, with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, different types of works and tasks has become much easier as it is working on behalf of a human.

Even the suggestions are given by artificial intelligence that what we should do in which way will be better and effective, AI only asks us, do you want to do this? For example, if you’re using Google ad words, then Google ad words suggest that you should increase the bid, you should increase using keywords and this and that. So how does all this is happening? It is only because of the magic of artificial intelligence, which is helping all the marketers in their every work.

With the arrival of Artificial intelligence, not only it became the helping hand of marketers, but also it’s proven to be highly beneficial for all companies because companies had to hire many employees to talk about different aspects associated with the company’s welfare, used to hold long-duration meetings for discussion and all that was consuming plenty of time, and by consumption of more time means more loss of money. But now, with the help of AI, even the money is being saved, time is less consumed, fewer employees are required, and even the team gets shorten. Only one employee can do all the things and bring the desired results.


In today’s time, the best company is Facebook in AI, which is much futuristic. They also started to work on machine learning. Still, after some time, it was observed that machines began communicating with each other in a specific language. When they discovered this defective symptom, they realized this is not good. Something destructive might happen, so they terminated it. But in the future, AI may become stable or well synchronized to work and powerful enough to do anything, that we’ll ask AI everything we need to do.

Now, how are we able to use the machine? Because the mind is limited, for example, your mind is sharp. There is some whose mind is more brilliant than you, and there is one who is dumb, so how do we find who is better and whose efficiency is better in terms of fast work? So, all these things are fed into the computer, and the computer is doing everything automatically.

From here onwards, the evolution of AI has begun. Now what marketers need to do, is staying on the top. They don’t want to lose their customer. They don’t want any other competitor to surpass them. That’s why AI helps a marketer to stay ahead of their competitors. Whoever spends the most money on AI programs shall win the race.

Now let’s take the example of a big company, Google. Of course, everyone is familiar with this one as it is the biggest company in the world. So, what google is doing, they are launching something called a duplex. Remember that Okay google thing, a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence. Now duplex is even better than this because it is software-based on AI where a program is designed to talk itself and provide the solution, which will use it in the sales executive.

Like every company is investing so much in their calling sales executive, the need for a sales advisor will cease to exist. It will work 24*7. Much efficient than a human, need to give the training to the computer for once, and then it will do the work. That is how incredibly AI is revolutionizing Digital Marketers or Marketing. You can learn more about AI in chatbots revolutionizing digital marketing in our article.

Now there’s a term known as programmatic advertising. We have been hearing about this term a lot these days because it is ancient, it’s all related to ads campaigns, and you can use AI before making ads campaigns. For example, you can target a specific person sitting in Mumbai, and he likes a particular thing. Now there’s a function in Google AdWords where you can find it in the market, which means the person is searching for this thing. Y

Suppose we take a real-life market example where a customer is looking for something in the market, and marketers are standing on the road. In that case, they apprehend that person and ask them, are you looking for this? Come inside. We got plenty of it at a discounted price. Now how does that shopkeeper know about the customer preferences? Because he must have been seeing him observing him in the market, every time the same customer was wandering in the market to buy something.

Similarly, a computer with AI can predict your searching behavior and the history of your searches. Now, Google does the same thing. It expects the results based on past searches and your search keywords to give precisely what a user is looking for it. Here, you can do the placement like you can show an ad on your YouTube Channel. You can also target specific websites and the age group even with the gender-like extreme level of targeting with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence).


Watching a video on YouTube, and you can also see some other videos aside from the video on desktop or below on mobile, is related to your interest. You get captivated in the sense like you just watched one video but ended up watching 5 to 6. Why? Because it was AI that showed you the recommendation of those videos based on your previous search interest means AI has already done the analysis of your interaction and offering you more than you may like as well. AI creates all these loops. Everything is predicted from AI.

Similarly, we have Netflix, like if you can invest money and want to see good content videos, movie series and all. You can refer to Netflix as it is one of the fantastic platforms to kill your time. Netflix also has AI, and it works according to that only. If the user were watching a comedy-based series like the big bang theory, the AI would show another comedy-based series adjacent to that previous one as to how I met your mother and different comedy series along with it as things you may like it too. So, everything with AI will predict the future based on past interactions or a designed program fed to AI. It increased the efficiency in work and revolutionized the entire family of web and internet with its outstanding capability.

Here I have completed my article on How AI Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing. If you have any queries then you can comment in the section below. You can visit our website for any digital marketing services.

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