Digital Marketing Trends In 2021


The year 2020 was a year of so many unprecedented events, Starting from Covid-19 to total blackout as nation after nation imposed a complete lockdown. We can say it was a crazy year, but what’s crazier is that within the lockdown, so many unbelievable incidents had happened, such as industries explosion, the bushfire, and whatnot. There’s a whole list of crazy and excruciating events in 2020 that are not to be ignored. But finally, the cursed year is over, and yet we are still fighting from this deadly disease called Corona, also as (Covid-19), and a lot has changed in every corner of the world, including the survival of life and lifestyle using internet marketing. Hence it’s essential to look at top digital marketing trends in 2021 to make a successful business in 2021.

Now, as 2020 is over, what’s next? Like what the year 2021 may bring? Mystifying. We can’t predict it because we don’t have the divine power to predict our future. Still, in general, we can do intuition and understand the common changes that can happen quickly. So yes, as mysterious as it sounds, things have become very uncertain, due to which it’s hard to make any assumption based on our theories. Since a lot had to change in every aspect, from life to lifestyle. Everyone has started to rely on technology as some countries are still facing these lockdown issues entirely. The workplace has relocated as work from home, and people are doing their business from home using technology as they don’t have any other option until the lockdown gets terminated.

Now, when it comes to Digital Marketing, what changes we may have to see this year is somewhat sceptical. Still, one thing is obvious: that is what would happen in the next five years. Due to the corona crisis, it’s already happening, and people have left no choice to work from home. If you’re looking for the crown achievement of digital marketing, then I am sorry to say there won’t be a crown achievement anymore. The new trends in the online marketing landscape is drenched, mainly because of Covid-19.

Everyone has started to come online. Technically, it compelled all businesses to go online where the ratio of competition of the market has increased. And nowadays, everyone is leveraging Digital Marketing as it is still a productive and excellent method to do business and maximize the company to its core and beyond. Now, the question arises, how should you compete to win 2021? Below, we will talk about the top 5 Digital Marketing Trends which probably can happen and require implementing Digital Marketing strategies to win 2021.

Trend 1 – Page speed will be more important

Page speed will be more important

It’s going to be most needed and most important than ever. As the technology is advancing day by day, we have 5G out there, but examine those areas where there is no 5G Instead, there are 4G and other sorts of internet connections. Even after that, it still takes plenty of time to load a website. It is precisely not as the connection name sounds. Just because you have a high-speed connection or you belong to that same area where reception gives high speed, it doesn’t mean the website will load fast, and that is why you need to ensure your website must load super fast. Not only are we seeing an increase in conversion that is causing sites when they enhance their page speed, but we also see that it increases their traffic and rankings.

So basically, if you have a website, you need to spend some money, effort, and precious time to optimize your website as a super-fast. What you can do is load your non-static files from CDNs. As CDNs are also known as content delivery networks. Most people are like, yes, I have already used CDNs, but they don’t know that they are using CDNs for their static images and static texts. They forget about their non-static files, but if they use CDNs for their non-static files, it can boost load time and increase your SEO rankings and overall traffic and conversions. We saw that conversion has increased up to 7 percentage, but we may see a modification rises higher than that, but if that is the case, the traffic was more so the speed was slow in the first place and needed to be improved.

Trend 2 – Text content length won’t matter much

Text content length won't matter much

The second trend that we may get to see is content length won’t matter as much. And it’s about text-based content. While everyone talks about ranking the content on the top 10 of Google, you need to write 2000 plus words. It would be best if you focused on keywords and whatnot. When it comes to rankings on Google, it is unnecessary because you as a user don’t want to see 2000 words then. How do you expect google wants to see 2000 words? Instead of that, people have started and seen an image or animated Gif or a video that breaks down and seems more efficient and less time-consuming from which you can get on with your day, and this has been happening with a lot of text articles.

Everyone is busy creating and writing text content of more than 2000 words. Some legends are registering more than 4000 words because they have the mindset like if we post lengthy text content with keywords, it will help us rank on top 10 of Google, but this is not the case now. It is over. Text-based content length doesn’t matter much, as Google is using more user signals.

Rather than this, in 2021, audio and video length up to 10 minutes or more perform better than shorter versions that are only three, four, or even 5 minutes. On the flip side, if you are making audio or video for around 20 to 30 minutes, it won’t have as big of an impact as just 10 minutes. So, anything around 10 minutes or more is good enough. But anything going less than 10 minutes will be hurting your reach when it comes to video or audio-based content.

Trend 3 – It’s all about marginal gains

It's all about marginal gains

As we know, there is no holy crown achievement of digital marketing because it’s super competitive, which means one thing as one hack will not get you that weapon that helps you beat your competition. It’s all about getting those tiny marginal gains. It said that if you want to succeed, you are not going to grow by pedalling harder, training harder, and doing right because everyone does that. But it’s a lot of little things that no one’s doing that can give you a leg up on your competition. Plus, hard work is exhausting, and suppose if you had a terrible night’s sleep working all day night long, you’re probably not going to pedal as hard the next day.

So, your mattress, your pillow, all that can affect how well you do the next day during race day. Your shoes, are they comfortable? Your helmet, how aerodynamic is it? All these minor things add up. The same goes for your internet marketing. Are you using voice search? Well, if you are using voice search, have you used jetson AI to make your site more compatible with voice devices so people can buy, right? Because you are already getting traffic from voice search, but are you getting conversions from it? All these are the minor things that can help to beat your competition.

Trend 4 – How high rank will matter more than ever

how high rank will matter more than everhow high rank will matter more than ever

If you look back, it shows that if you rank at the top of Google, you will get more clicks than if your rank below around the top like number two, three, and four. But seeing the circumstances these days due to changes will be different, but what will happen with google taking up more and more listings because they require a hit curling earning numbers. They’re making all these changes to the algorithm, and sometimes the changes they make might affect paid ads.

Periodically they may not, but they need to figure out more ways to monetize if they won’t keep earning more and more. So, whatever you are going to show on google and the changes over the years, but what we may see in 2021 is watching it being more aggressive so that they can hit big numbers. And if you want to rank well and good and get SEO traffic, you can still do well. Because SEO is not dead yet, it’s just. You need to make sure that you capture the top spot because it will matter much more than ever.

Trend 5 – Repurposing and updating will be the norm

Repurposing and updating will be the norm
While everyone is busy creating new content, there are billions of blogs over the internet and dozens of YouTube channels. People are busy creating content on various platforms, but nobody tries to repurpose the existing content, which sounds tedious, but it is essential. Because there’s already a sufficient amount of information available out there, so better if you could take the current information that you already created and repurpose it, such as taking your text-based content make it video or audio, use the same information and create a room on Clubhouse and talk about that so when you are creating content which is super deep and stops with the video, also look at the audio as the podcasting is booming right now.

So basically, if you update your old content, it will help you versus the new range that everyone is busy creating. That’s why repurposing and updating will be the norm, and it will be seen in 2021 in internet marketing trends.

Trend 6 – Brand will have more power

Brand will have more power
As we know, a brand has more power, but in 2021 it will have even more. It’s not just with Google, with Facebook, with Clubhouse, no matter the platform you will utilize and leverage. Like if you have a brand, it makes a difference, and with the brand, it’s easier to get followers, more accessible to get reach, and easier to get more sales. Fake news and rumours are abundant are going out there, and there’s plenty of corruption with the people just saying whatever online to earn quickly, but if you have a brand, you’re probably going to do better in the long run. So, ensure building your brand more because people are more likely to trust search engines and social platforms that can help you get better conversions.

Trend 7 – Influencer campaigns

Influencer campaigns
One of the top Digital Marketing trends in 2021 you will see is influencer campaigns. As the influencers play a vital role in achieving more brand reach, they are like online banners that people like to follow. You can help a digital marketing agency help you spread brand awareness through using influencers, as the influencers have enormous fan followings. From big influencers to minor, as per your budget, you can approach them and help you build and spread brand awareness through various social media platforms that will drive your content to gain maximum visibility and help your business nourishing consistently.

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