Creative Social Media Content Ideas

You know you’ve gotta beat up fresh social media content ideas to stay your followers interested and attract new people to your account. But it is often downright exhausting to be creative a day and deliver content gold on multiple platforms. Today we will discuss the creative social media content ideas.

creative social media content ideas

So we’re here to assist. With this list of solid content ideas for every major social channel, you’ll keep your social media strategy before the curve. You’ll never end up watching a blank content calendar again. To know more about the content ideas read here.

1. Create a daily, weekly, or monthly series

One great idea can become an engine for more great content if you switch it into a recurring series. Vancouver magazine’s weekly “Takeout Thursdays” feature the food editor during a casual Instagram Live conversation with an area chef or food expert.

It’s way easier to consider a special guest or topic to plug into a per-existing format than to start from scratch weekly, and your audience can enjoy a touch of consistency in their torrid lives.

2. Run a contest or giveaway

Fact: people love free things.

Double fact: a giveaway may be quick and straightforward thanks to filling a hole in your content calendar with a click. Tossups a product shot and a few instructions about the way to enter.

3. Host an AMA

Tap into your audience’s insatiable curiosity with an “ask me anything” live stream session.

Pro tip: try focusing the AMA on a selected topic, involving questions on your latest collection, or questions on entrepreneurship.

Some people wish to do an InstagramTikTok, or Facebook live stream, answering questions right from the comments within the moment. Others wish to do a series of Instagram Stories using the Question stickers like congresswoman Alexandria Osacio-Cortez did together with her AMA on Covid vaccines.

4. Run a social media takeover

The next idea in the list of creative social media content ideas is to run a social media takeover. Whether your team with an enormous influencer with an outsized audience or a micro-influencer with a fanatical base (like Everlane did with an LA-based photographer), passing over the keys to your social account to someone with passionate fans can bring your account more engagement, sales, and followers. And it can free you from each day or week of content planning. Score!

5. Share some relevant content

Share some relevant content

As we put it in our ultimate guide to content curation, “Curated content is content created by others that you simply select to share on social media. This might be a valuable blog post from a corporation in your field, expert advice from a relevant thought leader, or anything that you simply think your audience will appreciate and luxuriate in.”

In other words, if an excellent article, Pin, Tweet, or YouTube video already exists out there that your audience would love, why not share it? Curated content can make your brand appear as if its finger is on the heartbeat and like you’re there to interact and build community, not just toot your own horn.

6. Re-purpose your content

If you’ve got a tremendous blog post, why not create some graphics with quotes for Instagram? Or make a video inspired by the content to share on Facebook? Once you just share on one platform, you’re missing a chance to succeed in audiences who are following you elsewhere.

This isn’t to mention it should just be a copy-paste or cross-post: this is often about expressing existing ideas in fresh ways. Like how Hootsuite made a fast TikTok video to summarize the findings from a social media experiment blog post.

7. Host a challenge

The challenges that tend to travel viral online usually involve dance moves or eating something terrible, but you don’t need to go that far. Ruggable, as an example, challenged its followers simply to “make a mess” and send the videos or pictures. These were then compiled into a video to supply social proof of the product’s wash-ability and to offer fans a touching shout-out.

8. Create a how-to or tutorial

Share your expertise with a tutorial or how-to video. This provides value to your followers and cements your status as a real pro in your field (or a minimum of gives you creed as an entertainer).

Go Clean Co’s hypnotic cleaning guides are an excellent example and an excellent shareable resource for the subsequent time your friend is like, “Wait, I’m alleged to clean my washing machine?!”

9. Celebrate “National Whatever Day!”

There are a trillion quirky holidays — and you’ll also use them for a touch of inspiration. As an example, at Hootsuite HQ, the social team threw together a doggie sizzle reel for “International Dog Day.” 

10. Make a meme

By participating in silly trending meme formats, you’ll boost your brand’s sense of humor, or present your message during a fun package. When people started making hyper-specific Spotify playlists to inform a story through song titles, Wendy’s got on board. 

11. Give customers the spotlight

Show what your fans and customers do with a daily customer-spotlight feature. It showcases your product or service without being too advertise-y and provides your fans a flash to feel proud or special.

12. Do a “This or That” poll

We sleep in an increasingly polarized society… why not lean into that and make your followers pick a side already? Like Dominos did with their post on cheesy bread versus bread bites. Maybe you’ll spark a rousing (engagement-building!) debate, or even you’ll learn a touch something about customer preferences. Either way: that’s a win.

13. Go behind the scenes

The next idea in the list of creative social media content ideas is to go behind the scenes. Whether it’s a live video or an edited one, your audience likes to get the dirt on what’s happening behind the scenes — so serve it up. Billboard did just that with a behind-the-scenes video of their shoot with K-pop stars BTS.

But you don’t have to have pop idols on camera to form a splash with this type of content. Provides a tour of your office or shows how your window display comes together in your brick-and-mortar store: viewers value an authentic sneak peek behind the polished final photos that finish up within the feed.

14. Share a milestone

Def Leppard is pumped about the 40th anniversary of the discharge of High ‘N’ Dry… and we’re sure you’ve got some kind of momentous occasion worth celebrating, too! Your first anniversary of opening your small business? Your 500,000th follower? Find an enormous ol’ round number and pat yourself on the rear.

Whether you’ve got a special live stream planned or simply mark the event with a picture or text post, it’s a built-in excuse for a throwback post or some earnest reflection on how far you’ve come.

15. Share a reading list or playlist

Your media library says tons about you… or your brand. Why not share a touching piece of that with your followers?

A summer reading list, a comfy Christmas playlist, or a list of must-watch shows that your team is passionate about can give your brand some popular culture creed, and perhaps even spark some discussion or other recommendations within the comments.

16. Tap into a trending topic

Whether you’re trying out a TikTok dance or commenting on the #Oscars, sometimes it’s a pleasant relief to let your creativity only mount something everyone else is doing, rather than trying to make something from scratch.

Chubbies, as an example, is prepared with the Guardian screenshot to weigh in on a riveting discussion about short-shorts.

17. Show your product during a surprising situation

We can’t look from Vessi pouring weird stuff on its shoes. But you don’t need to risk a multitude to form viewers do a reaction. If you’re a makeup brand, do a makeover on the subway… or while ordering at Subway. Seeing familiar goods in unusual situations may be a surefire thanks to intriguing your audience.

18. Make a slow-mo video

Make a slow-mo video

The next idea in the list of creative social media content ideas is to make a slow-mo video. Slow-mo makes even the blandest of activities look cool: that’s a cold-hard fact. Add some music, and you’re ready.

The makers of SpikeBall probably have many hours of sweet action shots, just from the character of their product, but albeit you’re a baker, or an accountant, or a knitter, capture yourself in action with a slo-mo effect, add some beats, and you’ve got some compelling content able to share on TikTok or Reels.

19. Share some wisdom

Crafting a trendy graphic with some brand-relevant advice may be a good way to position you as an expert and source valuable. Nobody likes to be sold to all or any the time, after all. Recess, a CBD beverage brand, is true on point with these words of Zen, but whatever your industry, we’re confident you’ve got a couple of nuggets to share.

20. Showcase user-generated content

Teva spotlights customers wearing their shoes on #tevatuesday. Whether you create a selected hashtag campaign, or simply use social taking note of collect and repost user content, repurposing user content may be a good way to fill your content calendar and celebrate your community in one swoop.

21. Share secrets or hacks

What tips and tricks are you able to share with your audience? Cement yourself as a resource and expert in your field with a bit of content about the important T. Supergoop features a whole Instagram Stories highlight reel with SPF hacks.

22. Post a recipe

We all eat! You don’t have to be a food blog, a restaurant, a star chef, or a dishware brand to dish out a delicious dish.

Just find a loose connection to your brand and share the ingredients and process, or a how-to video. Maybe your store carries cookbooks… maybe you’re a band and your latest album may be a great point to play during a party. There’s always a thread back to food.

23. Ask your followers for advice

People like to share what they know. Influencer Jillian Harris asked for a little advice about getting her kids to eat vegetarian lunches and worked the responses that poured into some educational content.

24. Fill in the blank

Similar to the above, post a fill-in-the-blank prompt to nudge your audience to contribute. During this scenario, an excellent graphic may be a great way to urge the juices to flow.

25. Congratulate someone for an achievement

The final idea in the list of creative social media content ideas is to congratulate someone for an achievement. Someone in your industry — whether another brand or a private — has probably done something cool lately. Why not show them some love? You’ll flatter them enough for a repost or a mention, which could just get you ahead of their loyal audience.

Final Thought

While most of the brands and startups see social media as just how to market their products and services, they ought to instead specialize in building relationships and trust with customers by posting the items that social media users love. There’ll always be enough time to market your brand once you’ve got built a reputation within the industry.

creative social media content ideas

Okay, that’s 25 ideas that ought to keep you pretty busy for the content production. If you would like any assistance regarding content creation or social media marketing then contact us and that we will schedule a meeting to discuss this in detail.


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