Best SERP Checker & Tracker Tools

Before moving ahead towards the Best SERP Checker & Tracker Tools, let’s have a look at the introduction to SERP.

Introduction to SERP

Best SERP Checker & Tracker Tools

SERP or Search Engine Results Page is a popular expression in the digital marketing world as both organizations and bloggers strive for their high-ranking situations inside those pages. Procuring your place in the primary SERP requires an overall comprehension of how they work and why search engines use them. Find a portion of the huge number of SERPs and the models your content needs to meet to rank high in them.

A search engine results page or SERP comes up when clients enter a search query. Clients input a particular phrase or keyword and the search engine records the entirety of the outcomes identified with or indistinguishable from the assertion given on a SERP. Most search engines produce results dependent on a wide scope of components, not simply the keyword. This makes for an extraordinary SERP each time a client directs a search.

Why Are SERPs Important For SEO?

SERPS Important For SEO

SEO content procures higher organic results for your webpage. Improvement sets aside time. Yet believability worked over an extensive stretch regularly influences search engine crawlers, ranking your content higher. Based on the scale of your opposition, making an elevated place is tough. However, you’ll accomplish higher rankings by streamlining your site to satisfy the guidelines set via search engines.

When your site shows up on the first page of a SERP, your SEO improves consequently. Your site accumulates consideration just by being one of the top outcomes. Even though it’s not as major of thought, the measure of good or significant traffic a site gets additionally works on its position with search engines. Elegantly composed content following SEO rules produces included snippets in outcomes.

Ranking great in search engine results can drive an enormous measure of traffic to your site. That is the reason monitoring where you rank for specific keywords is critical. To help you screen your search ranking positions we have incorporated a list of 11 Best SERP Checker and Tracker Tools;

  1. SERP Surf

SERP Surf is one of the top free SERP tools that check the search engine ranking position of your site. This SERP checker permits you to enter one domain and up to five keywords to rank check free of charge. You can likewise enter up to three domains of your competitors to perceive how you rank against them.

The free-to-use tool then, at that point permits you to pick the region and device (desktop, mobile, or tablet) to look for. When you press “Check SERPSurf” you can hope to see your outcomes within around 2 minutes. Furthermore, SERP Surf will likewise show you the best ten rankings for every keyword that you enter.

One of the drawbacks to utilizing the free form of this tool is that it just permits you to look up to 5 keywords all at once. Other SERP tools will generally permit 10+ keywords for their free form. The tool additionally just shows the main 10 outcomes for every keyword. The greatest weakness of utilizing this tool is that it doesn’t follow your rank positions additional time on the site. You should screen how you are performing throughout some undefined time frame all alone.

  1. SERP Robot

The next tool from the list of best SERP checker & tracker tools is SERP Robot which is a speedy and precise approach to check your search engine ranking position. SERP Robot permits you to check up to 10 keywords all at once utilizing their free form. You would then be able to look through your domain’s rank just as up to 3 of your contenders.

When you search, SERP Robot will give you the best 10 results for every keyword that you looked at. 10 keywords and 10 results are about the normal of the top free SERP tools that we checked. The benefit of utilizing the SERP Robot, in any case, is that it permits you to look through a limitless measure of times.

We determined that the wait time for the tool will show results can take somewhere in the range of 1 – 3 minutes if occupied. One of the disadvantages we saw about SERP Robot’s free form is that it just permits you to check desktop search results, not mobile or tablet. It comes up short on this key component which is available in most other free SERP tools.

  1. Search Engine Report’s Keyword Rank Checker

First on our list of best SERP checker & tracker tools is Search Engine Report’s Keyword Rank Checker. This quick and simple to utilize tool will check the search engine rank position of 1 of your domains. This program will check your domain ranking for up to 10 keywords of your decision. You can without much of a stretch import and export your keywords by reordering straightforwardly into the tool.

Search Engine tool Report’s Keyword Rank Checker likewise gives you the alternative to incorporate up to 3 of your contender’s domains. It will then, at that point check those domains and contrast their exhibition with your domain. The tool additionally enables you to choose which nation and device you might want to look for. You can decide to look on one or the other desktop or mobile free of charge.

An element that Search Engine Report’s Keyword Rank Checker is missing is the capacity to follow rank history. The program additionally doesn’t give you the choice to send out outcomes meaning you would need to monitor your rankings remotely.

  1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is free to use the SERP tool that spread the word about accessible yet well advertiser Neil Patel. This simple to utilize tool permits you to embed your domain and get a list of keywords that your domain at present ranks for. Ubersuggest will likewise monitor the historical backdrop of your ranking for every keyword to examine your advancement.

Another advantage of this tool is that it recommends keywords that you should have a go at ranking for. This can assist you with adjusting your Search Engine Optimization properly to the keywords that you ought to target. A disadvantage to this tool is that you can’t look through explicit keyword rankings comparative with your domain.

  1. Link Assistant Rank Tracker

Another of the top free SERP tool that we found is Link Assistant’s Rank Tracker. Not at all like other SERP tools, we survey in this post, Link Assistant’s keyword rank tracker is a tool that you are needed to download. Link Assistant’s free form is very valuable and incorporates large numbers of the highlights that you get for their paid variant. This SERP program permits you to follow a limitless number of domains and keywords. You can undoubtedly import and fare these keywords also which saves a ton of time.

The tool likewise gives you an inside and out survey of the best keywords to utilize. It does this by giving you a score on the trouble of ranking for every keyword. When utilizing the rank tracker you can look through both desktop and mobile simultaneously. This is valuable as numerous free forms of SERP checkers just permit you to look through either.

Albeit this tool has numerous highlights that other SERP tools would charge a premium for, it doesn’t save your ranking history or search settings. This is a significant bother as you would need to import your search sources of info and monitor your information remotely. Another disadvantage to this program is that it just permits you to contrast rankings and one other contender.

  1. Thruuu

Thruuu is a free SERP tool that is exceptionally valuable for working on your SEO. By composing in and looking through a keyword, the tool will give you an outline of the top outcomes for that keyword. You can pick whether to scratch between 10-100 pages of search results. It will likewise give you a top to bottom analysis of the data in the top posts for that keyword.

Thruuu will educate you concerning the title of the page, Meta description, number of words and pictures, heading structure, publication date, and the most recent update for each outcome. The tool likewise gives you the choice to look either desktop or mobile. Another valuable capacity of the gadget is that you can undoubtedly and rapidly send out all the data into a dominant record when you’re set. This makes it simple to monitor past list items.

Unfortunately, the tool doesn’t presently permit you to look through your particular area which is a burden from other SERP tools. It likewise just permits you to look through each keyword in turn which can make it very time-consuming on the off chance that you need information on a ton of keywords. That being said, Thruuu is as yet a valuable tool that empowers you to successfully explore how to focus on the keywords that you need.

  1. Seobility

Ranked number 5 on our list of best SERP checker & tracker tools is Seobility. To utilize Seobility, you are needed to pursue a free record on their site. When joined, this tool permits you to import and screen up to 10 keywords all at once. It additionally restricts you to just 1 area for every record.

While searching, Seobility allows you to incorporate up to 3 contenders to contrast keyword search rankings. The tool likewise shows your keyword rank history and showcases it on graphs demonstrating whether your ranking is improving or declining. As well as showing your rank position, the product will likewise show the quest volume and CPC for every keyword. Seobility has some other free highlights, for example, page reaction time, most utilized keywords, and a sign of any errors present on your site.

  1. Small SEO Tools’ Keyword Rank Checker

Small SEO Tool’s Keyword Rank Checker is an incredible SERP tool that you can use free of charge. This product permits you to import and track up to 10 keywords across either desktop, mobile, or tablet. You can likewise pick whether to look by explicit keywords or to perceive what keywords your URL ranks for. This is an element that is more enthusiastically to discover in generally allowed to utilize SERP tools.

As well as having the option to look across changed gadgets, this rank tracker shows your keyword position, the search volume of the keyword, and the all-out number of indexed lists. You can likewise follow your keyword position extra time and download a dominant report from it. Moreover, the product permits you to see a limitless number of top URLs for every keyword that you look for.

Albeit this tool has a ton of incredible highlights that different sites would charge a premium for, we positioned it beneath a portion of the other SERP tools we explored. The justification for this is because it doesn’t allow you to follow brings about a correlation with your competitors’ sites. This is a capacity that practically every one of the tools on this list has for nothing.

  1. What’s My SERP

The next tool from the list of best SERP checker & tracker tools is What’s My SERP with incredible highlights. This tool permits you to look up to 25 keywords for each domain. It permits you to look through 10 times each day without making a record. Pursuing a free record will permit you to look through a limitless measure of times too.

When you create a free record you can likewise import and export keywords that you might want to look at and track. While looking, this tool empowers you to utilize an alternate domain each time unbounded. These components make this tool more successful and efficient than a portion of the other free tools we’ve inspected.

One of the drawbacks to utilizing this tool is that it just permits you to search desktops for free. To look through mobile you are needed to move up to the top-notch premium version of What’s My SERP. You are additionally needed to overhaul your record on the off chance that you wish to follow your rank history on the site. On the off chance that you do choose to redesign your record What’s My SERP has the absolute best costs of the top free SERP tools on the internet.

  1. Rank Console

One of the top free SERP tools that we found is Rank Console. This allowed to utilize software offers including that numerous SERP tools charge a premium for. Rank Console permits you to look through utilizing a limitless measure of domains. This is very helpful and time-saving, allowing you to check keyword rankings for different pages on your site.

As well as permitting you to utilize limitless areas, Rank Console likewise permits you to utilize a limitless number of keywords. This is a colossal benefit over other top free SERP tools that just permit you around 10 – 20 keywords. Besides, this device permits you to follow a limitless number of contenders for nothing. In the examination, most free tools just permit you to follow a limit of 3 contenders.

Rank Console additionally has a component incorporated into the tool that tracks your rank history and will show your rank change on a chart. The tool will even utilize Google Trends to show you the ascent and fall in interest for every keyword, just as the sub-regions the interest is coming from. When you pursue a free record on their site you can acquire full admittance to these stunning highlights.

Albeit the tool has some huge highlights included for free, we saw a couple of drawbacks to utilizing Rank Console. Tragically, while looking through keywords you can just inquiry desktop, not mobile or tablet. The tool additionally has no particular area looking, for example, by city or state. Finally, albeit the tool permits you to utilize limitless keywords, it has no chance of importing or exporting them.

  1. Rank Tank

After doing the broad examination, we concluded that Rank Tank was the awesome free tool that we found. Not at all like other top free SERP tools that we checked on, is Rank Tank downloadable software that utilizes Google Sheets. This incredibly amazing and helpful tool permits you to look up to 100 keywords free of charge. With Rank Tank being on Google Sheets you can without much of a stretch import and export your keywords by copy and pasting.

The program permits you to look across either desktop or mobile for free of charge. When your search is done, you can save your outcomes to another tab. You can do however many inquiries as you need and track your rank history by glancing back at past tabs.

It will likewise register a general score for you depending on how you rank for every one of the keywords that you looked for. To get this program, you should simply pursue a free record on Rank Tank’s site and download the product to Google Sheets.

Another helpful element remembered for the free tool is that it records the top outcome, who’s above you, and who’s beneath you for every keyword. Unfortunately, the tool doesn’t at present list the best 10 outcomes for every keyword. The highlights Rank Tank incorporates with the expectation of complimentary more than compensate for this, however.


Exploring and picking the right keywords for your site pages or blog entries and later observing the search engine rankings of your domain just as contenders’ domain for those keywords is fundamental if you wish to contend in the online business today.

Exploring and picking the right keywords

The SERP tracking software tools help monitor your site or blog’s exhibition for the targeted search queries. These SEO rank checker tools won’t just assistance you save a watch on your site’s exhibition for the list of targeted keywords, yet they will likewise help you keep track of your contenders and assist you with arranging your online marketing campaign appropriately. I hope you have cleared the thought regarding the best SERP checker & tracker tools.

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